One of the key role in growing Film & TV industry is Executive Producer who looks after entire gamut of creation of the film/TV serial.

About the Practitioner – Ranjit Gugle

Ranjit Gugle is one of the fine Executive Producers the Marathi Film industry has got. He has excelled in Post graduate Diploma in Business Management and also worked in family business for around 3 years. But he was always inclined towards the world of cinema. He managed as well as organized shows for the theatre group during his college days.

He has worked on Aiyya (Anurag Kashyap Films Production) and Marathi films such as Restaurant, Gandha (Smell), Time Please, Ek Hazarachi Note, Killa, Happy Journey (Executive Producer). These are some of his works where his skills are clearly portrayed.

He tells us why he chooses to be in the Cinema domain and why one can excel in the Production field and how you can choose this as a career. Production field can be hectic at times. Many a time personal commitments have to be kept at bay. There are highs and lows being in this area, but a career worth being in.
Here’s in conversation with Mr. Ranjit Gugle, an Executive Producer.