VFX or special effects is one of the growing career areas these days with almost all movies needed them. There is lot of demand for professionals with VFX skills. We are glad to share with you one such professional who has turned his passion for physics to handling the technical aspects of VFX.

Vivek Jamble (Technical Director/VFX Artist)

Vivek Jamble is one of the founders for Illusion Ethereal and a Technical Director. He participated in Radio Jove program held by NASA for building radio telescope for recording radio signals coming from some natural radio Stations in space. He also built an optical telescope and a radio telescope of his own during that period.

You after reading this bio, you must be convinced by now that he is a geek and must be excelling in Aeronautics.
But no! Since childhood he was always fascinated about sketching. After his degree, he learned 3D Animation and VFX from an institute in Pune. His knowledge in Physics and his love for sketching combined to be what he is today. He wanted something where he could combine arts and technology together and here he is, excelling it.

Here’s in conversation with Mr. Vivek Jamble, where he tells you why one should and can choose Animation as a budding career option.